Looking Back at Christmas

During the holidays Level Up was busy introducing the fun tradition of gift giving and receiving by introducing Secret Santa for what was the first time for many of the parents and children. After presents were handed out everyone put their hands to gingerbread doe and made their very own cookies.

Cookies being made in the shape of reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees. Most of our students this year learned the names for them in the past month.

Rita, Tony and Emma listening to Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?

Christmas16 Christmas15 Christmas14 Christmas13

Santa reading to the youngest childrenChristmas12

Some of the finished cookies children and parents made.Christmas11 Christmas10 Christmas9 Christmas7 Christmas6 Children making Christmas cards for their parents.Christmas5 Christmas4 Christmas3 Christmas2 Christmas1

Happy Halloween

This year Level Up English had two parties to celebrate and introduce the Halloween Holiday to all our students and families. Here are some photos of the festivities.

Teachers Jim and Jennifer take a picture with Pearl and her mother.

Teachers Kevin, Samantha and Carl take a picture with Kelly.

Group Picture of the Little Pumpkin Party.

Rick smiling with chocolate covered teeth.

Lucy, Arthur, Zachary and Tim get ready to go trick-or-treating.

Now Open

Level Up is officially open and classes have already moved to the new center. We would like to welcome everyone to bring your children and play, read a book and meet other parents in Hedong District. If you’re not a parent but love reading don’t hesitate to drop by, we have a small but growing selection of adult Novels in English and Chinese.

What services do we offer?

  • Fun and educational classes in English for children ages 2 to 6
  • One on one classes for children at an intermediate or higher level
  • One on one classes for adults
  • Children’s library containing over 2,000 English books
Where are we located?
  • 天津市河东区第六大道陆典庭院26六号楼4门101
  • Tiānjīnshì Hé Dōng Qū Dìliù Dàdào Lù Diǎn Tíngyuàn 26 liùhào lóu 4 mén 101
Find us half a kilometer from Wan Da Cinimas on Jin Bin Da Dao in Dìliù Dàdào apartments, from there find your wuay to Lù Diǎn Tíngyuàn building 26.

Jim teaching a student in the library

April reading to the kids